Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

I missed posting about our trip to the Zoo. It was such a nice day not to cold but nice and sunny. It was a Thursday so the Zoo wasn't packed and we were able to see lots of animals. Corbin had a blast running everywhere. Here are a bunch of pictures .

Corbin Checking out the cows ( Not a typical zoo animal)

Corbin and Mom looking at the Elephants 

Corbin watching the Elephant throw dirt on itself

Corbin and Mom being silly

Watching the Gorillas 

More Gorillas

Bronze Gorilla Statue 
Corbin driving the tractor . It was so hard to get him to leave the tractor to see the rest of the animals 

Hanging out in a Boat 

He was feeding the Donkey leaves and he thought it was so funny

Then just a few pictures of my little man from this weekend. He is so funny when you point the camera at him and tell him to say cheese this is what he does. He is wearing an Owl hat that his Aunty made for him. He loves it.
Say Cheese

Showing off his bed head 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I know I haven't posted pictures in a while and you guys are probably tired of reading my long drawn out post. So here are few words and some pictures.

Getting Ready to go Trick or Treating

 Having fun with his costume
See my hat 

 Here is one of my Big Little Man looking so grown up. I still can't believe that he is 17 mths old already, where the heck did the time go.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Crazy Couple of Weeks

I think the title says it all. Corbin started going to daycare full time about a month ago. After about a week he got a cold. His first cold EVER I should add. It started as a runny nose and sneezing and a cough. The hubs and I both had it as well. After about a week it didn't seem to be getting any better so the little man and I went to the walk in clinic.

They said that he had an ear infection and a soar throat and that I had a sinus infection and a throat infection. We were both put onto amoxicillin for 10 days.

So we went along our merry way taking our medication 3 times a day but didn't seem to be getting any better. On day 7 I decided that after work we would go back to the Dr and see if there was something else going on because things were not getting better and actually seemed to be getting worse.

Well fast forward to 4pm that day I get a call from daycare that Corbin woke up from his nap with a fever and the chills and to come get him. By the time we got to the daycare his fever was 102*. We headed straight over the the Emergency room. He was checked in right away as his fever was now up to 104.7*.

I can't even begin to tell you how scary it is to see your baby that sick, to the point that he was just laying on the hospital bed shaking. All the time looking up at me as if to say why aren't you making me feel better.

So they ran a bunch of tests and took a chest x-ray, turns out that our colds had turned into pneumonia. So they gave the little man some Tylenol for the fever and a new prescription for the pneumonia and we were on our way home. We stopped at the walk in clinic on the way home and got some stronger medication for me and the hubby too.

The next day when Corbin got up from his nap he had a bit of a rash starting to show on his chest and his shoulders. So I called the nurses line and they said to stop the medication and to take him back to the Dr in the morning. Well later that night his rash got way way worse and his fever started to go up again. We took him back to the ER. Where they said it was a reaction to the medication so they gave up a new prescription and some tylenol and sent us home saying the rash wouldn't get any worse now that the medication stopped.

Well over night it got way way way worse it was now covering about 90% of his body, his fever was up again and he refused to take the new medication. So back to the hospital we go. This time they tell us to just keep trying to get him to take the medication and if he gets worse or starts vomiting to go to a bigger hospital. (This was at Mission Hospital). I asked if we could give him benadryl or something for the rash they say don't worry about it it will go away on it's own.

So we take him home get him settled for a nap when he gets up his fever was still up even after tylenol and advil. So we manage to get 3/4 of a dose of the medication in him but no food he hasn't been eating much for about a week now. About a half hour later he starts puking this time we make the mad dash 1.5hr to BC Children's hospital. They Dr's there have never seen a rash like his. We managed to get Tylenol and Benadryl into him to get his fever down. Then decide to give him a one shot antibiotic because he now also has a double ear infection and throat infection that is so bad he can barely swallow. Somehow the last 4 Dr's we saw missed this.

Luckily the antibiotic shot they gave him worked and within 72hrs his rash was gone , he was eating and was back to his super happy self. So glad that we have a place like Children's hospital to go when needed.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Life getting away

Life has been getting in the way of me keeping up with my blog like I was hoping to do.

Things have been good around here. We are getting a lot of little projects done at home painting inside and getting the stairs built on the deck so we can finish staining and build the roofs before winter. I know , I know I said the "W" word but it is coming sooner than we think.

My parents are getting ready to leave and the little man is getting used to daycare he is there today until after lunch and then tomorrow he will be there until after nap time and then Wednesday will be a full day and everyday from then on.

He was such a brave guy today we walked in and hung up his stuff and put his lunch in the fridge and he didn't cry at all. He has his bunny with him so hopefully he will be ok.

We are all just getting over being sick it was a bad cold and I really hope it isn't the start to a bad cold and flu season. I hate being sick at any time but it seems that being sick when it is 25-30* outside is just cruel. Other than to get juice and go to the bathroom none of us got off of the couch this past weekend. We both missed two days of work and are still sick today.

I placed a big Scentsy order from a party and I am hoping it comes in this week so I can pick it up and get it packaged for people soon. Usually Scentsy shipping is really fast but they have been pretty slow for the last two orders I put in . I think I am going to have to start telling people 2 weeks for shipping.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer is almost gone....

We have been trying to soak up as much of summer as we can while it is here. These days it seems to be going by so much faster than anyone wants it to. The days have been so nice we have been spending as much time at the lake as we can. Corbin is loving going swimming and is quickly gaining zero fear of the water with keeps me on my toes and gives me mini heart attacks several times when we are there.

He hates getting sand or dirt on his hands and will stop moving if they are dirty until you carry him to the water to wash them, he is such a funny little guy.

Everywhere you go these days there is back to school stuff all over the place I have been looking at the list of everything Corbin needs for daycare and putting off getting any of it but I am running out of time he only has about a month left until then :(. It makes me sad to have to leave him there for 12 hours a day but I know he will be learning so much and it is good for him to be with other kids and adults other than family.

I have so many good ideas for his lunches that I am excited for that part of it. I know he is to little to understand that I made him special sandwiches that look like dinosaurs but I will know they are there and I will feel better knowing that he has them come lunch time.

I have a feeling the daycare is going to get sick of me calling to check up on him on a multi-daily basis...lol . I know he will be fine. It's me that needs to get over it...:)

Well I should get back to work my coffee break is almost over I will leave you with a cute picture of Corbin with his cousin playing in the water on the weekend.

And one showing you just how cute my little man is getting minus all of his mosquito bites.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Do you ever notice that when you are a kid time seems to go so slow. It seems like you are always waiting for something, Summer vacation, Christmas, Birthdays ..ect.

However once you become an adult you NEVER have enough time for anything. The days and weeks fly by it seems like you just make it past one holiday or birthday and another one is on you again. There is never enough time to spend with your kids , playing and learning and exploring, there is never enough time for work or alone time or time with you SO. Time seems to be something we are always chasing.

Like my blog it seems like there is never enough time to keep it updated I want to be able to keep a record of all the things that happen because like everything else they go by too fast.

We have been getting a lot of work done on our house the last few weeks which is nice. We were going to replace some boards on our deck before we finished staining it but ended up removing a big part and are going to change the layout slightly.

We have also been having some very sunny summer weather all of a sudden and the little man is NOT a fan, he gets grumpy and cranky and doesn't want to eat. I got him a pool for our deck to try and keep him cool but it is a constant battle to keep the mosquitos off of him and me while he is playing.

Went for a great swim in the lake the other night it was about 32*c and the little man was not having a good afternoon so I scooped him up and headed to the lake for a nice swim, the sun was shining and the water wasn't too cool  it was just nice. I'm thinking I might go again tonight if I have the energy for it once I get home .

What are you all doing to stay cool in this summer weather ?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Work again, Work again.....

Well I have been back to work for almost three weeks now and it feels like I was never off.

I really miss spending my days with my little man but it is great to see how excited he is when we get home at the end of the day.

Work is basically the same there are a few new people around but basically the same.

Not much else has been going on we are waiting for summer to finally make it's appearance sometime soon and get rid of all this rain it would be nice to be able to do something on the weekend with the little man other than hide in the house.

It has been pretty quiet around the house just working on little projects here and there and getting things the way we want them.

I don't have a lot to report so here is a cute picture of the little man plaing with his Birthday present

Man is he ever cute and growing so fast.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy First Birthday to my Little man

We celebrated Corbin's first Birthday on June 1st. We had a big party for him on the 2nd and invited family and friends.
Corbin had his one year check up on the 29th and he is growing right on track. He is 30.5 lbs and 33" tall. he is above the 99th percentile for both.

The party was excellent the weather co-operated with us and was sunny and warm all day everyone had a great time and the little man went to be early.
 Me and the Birthday Boy
 Checking out his cake
 Mmmmmm Yummy cake
Opening presents

All in all we had a great day I can't believe that my baby is one already. The year went by way way to fast.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moved in and mostly....settled

We moved on the 18th and boy was it a busy day. we were up and going at 6:30 and it was non-stop moving stuff until about 10pm. We have mostly unpacked all the the boxes....unless you count what is in the work shop outside. That is a whole other story. All of our appliances were delivered on Thursday so it was nice to have them in before the chaos of moving day happened.

C's room is pretty much done I painted it on the Tuesday before we moved in so that all we had to do was ;put his bed together and he would be good to go. I put his his growth tree on the wall yesterday and it looks so good I will post a picture after he gets up from his nap.

Now I just have to get the entire house in functioning order so that we can host the little man's birthday here in just over a week for about 50 people.....lol yeah I know I'm crazy.

Monday, April 30, 2012

We got the HOUSE!!!!

Our court date was today and there were no other bids on our house so it is all ours.!!! We are so excited.

We will get possession on the 14th of May and will be moving in on the 17th. Can't wait to be able to paint and get everything ready to move in. It will be so nice not to have to live out of boxes anymore.

I will post before and after pictures once we get everything settled.

Also we will be all moved in in time for Corbin's first birthday so I am very happy about that.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Subject removal

Things have been crazy around here the last few weeks. We had all of our subjects removed yesterday and put down our deposit on the house. Now we just wait for our court date. I cannot wait until we can move in and unpack this living out of boxes SUCKS!!!

We are hoping that we will be able to move in mid may and get everything organized and set up before the little mans first Birthday.
It's hard to believe that he is going to be one already this year went by so fast.

Keep your fingers crossed that we get the house .

Monday, April 2, 2012


The bank accepted our offer!!! We just have to get the court date to finalize the paper work and get our move in date.

So happy we will be owing our own place and wont have to worry about someone selling it on us or raising the rent and having to move again.

I will be so happy to get out of this rental house it is so yucky I really don't understand how some people can live like they do, soooooo gross.

Anyway I'm off o organize more stuff so we can live for the next month until we move again.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


We found a place!!! It is only temporary while we are trying to buy a place but it will do for now.

Also my parents are home. I am so excited that they are going to be staying with us while they are here. It's crazy how much I miss them when they are gone, I guess you never really grow out of needing to have your parents around.

The little man is doing good he took his first steps the other day man is he ever growing fast. He also has three and a half teeth now. We were at a restaurant the other day and a lady in a booth across from us asked if he was about 15-16 mths old and was so shocked when I said oh he is only 9 months.

My little tank of a man. I love him.

Well this is a short post ...tons of stuff to do before we move this weekend

Friday, March 9, 2012

Still searching

Have I ever mentioned that I hate moving! If not I HATE MOVING!!! So we are still looking for somewhere to live and have only until the first of April. We are going to see a couple of more places this weekend and are hoping that they will work out. We had a couple of other options but decided that they just wouldn't work for us.

Keep your fingers crossed that something will come up soon.

Other than trying to find somewhere to live there really isn't much going on around here. Rhylee seems to be feeling better he hasn't thrown up any more blood and he seems to be back to his old self.

The little man and I went for a great walk on Tuesday with the mom's group it was a two hour hike with a 25lbs little man strapped to me, I sure felt it in my legs later that night but can't wait to go again I think next time I will take the dogs so they can get a good run.

I hope everyone has a great weekend I will keep you all posted about the house situation if anything changes in the meantime some good thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crappy Day

Well yesterday was supposed to be an ordinary day, boy was I wrong about that. We started the day by going to see a potential house, it wasn't bad but it wasn't for us. On the way there my car started having some issues and we almost turned around but it stopped so now I have to take it in next week to get checked out, that should be a nice amount of money .

After we decided to go to the US to pick up some grocery's and pick up a couple of packages from the PO Box. On the way back from the store I got pulled over and earned my self a nice $154.00 speeding ticket even though I wasn't speeding, confirmed by my passenger that I was NOT speeding. So now my 10 years of never having a ticket is gone and I have to fight a ticket in another country that I shouldn't have been given in the first place.

To make the day even better when we got home from shopping there were piles of puked up blood everywhere. I checked the dogs right away to see who it was coming from I was pretty sure it was Rhylee but not 100% and didn't want to take the wrong dog to the vet so let them outside to go to the bathroom and watched them from the window. After they went I went outside and checked the poop (sorry to gross you out if you have issues with poop) and it was Rhylee for sure that was having issues his poop was full of blood. So we took him to the vet right away. They ran a test for Giardia to see if he had that and then gave us some pills and sent us home.

They called when we got home and his test was negative so we are basically waiting to see if he is still bleeding and then have to go back for more tests. that was another $120.00 for the day.

All in all I spend a lot of money yesterday and got nothing but stress. Hopefully today will be a better day for everyone.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Super long catch up

I promised a new Blog friend that I would update my blog seeing as how I haven't written anything in a very long time.

First off the little big man as we call him Corbin is doing great he is growing like a weed and amazes me everyday with how much he is learning. Let's get the stats out of the way.

He is now 9 months old weighs 24 1/2 lbs and is almost 32" tall. He is in the 99th percentile for his age.

He says mum, dada, bye-bye and can wave while saying bye-bye. He tries to say dogs but it comes out as "G" and he points at everything he wants and says "uhh". He is a speedy little crawler and is working on walking, I say working because there seems to be a lot of falling

involved and I'm pretty sure if he get's any more bruises on his head the other moms might call CPS on us.
He has his two bottom teeth and the top ones are working their way in soon. He is an eating machine and will eat anything and everything you give him I seriously fear for our grocery bill when he is a teenager.

Here is a recent pic of my giant man standing on his own.

In other news we are in the process of looking for a new place to live we have to be out by the 1st of April so I'm hoping something we see this weekend will be the one and we can get packing. I hate moving and packing and then un packing I think it would be so much easier to just throw everything out and start fresh at the new house. Now if I can just find the money to do that everything would be great. I think it would be like when you put on a new pair of socks and they feel so good you never wanna take them off ...at least until they get all stretched out and loose then I want to throw them out and start new, like my furniture it seems all stretched out and loose.

My parents are coming home soon T- 6 days until they leave Arizona I think. I want them home in time to help move us... I mean ...because I miss them so much. :) Even though I am old and grown up and have my own family I will never underestimate the power of theses 3 little words ..."Daddy please help?" I honestly don't know a dad anywhere that can resist that from his little girl no matter how old she is. That has been getting me out of trouble for many, many years.

Well I should really go and clean up the dishes in the sink , then head to bed and watch a movie on netflix.

I promise I will post more often so that my few followers can keep up to date with the going on's.