Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

I missed posting about our trip to the Zoo. It was such a nice day not to cold but nice and sunny. It was a Thursday so the Zoo wasn't packed and we were able to see lots of animals. Corbin had a blast running everywhere. Here are a bunch of pictures .

Corbin Checking out the cows ( Not a typical zoo animal)

Corbin and Mom looking at the Elephants 

Corbin watching the Elephant throw dirt on itself

Corbin and Mom being silly

Watching the Gorillas 

More Gorillas

Bronze Gorilla Statue 
Corbin driving the tractor . It was so hard to get him to leave the tractor to see the rest of the animals 

Hanging out in a Boat 

He was feeding the Donkey leaves and he thought it was so funny

Then just a few pictures of my little man from this weekend. He is so funny when you point the camera at him and tell him to say cheese this is what he does. He is wearing an Owl hat that his Aunty made for him. He loves it.
Say Cheese

Showing off his bed head 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I know I haven't posted pictures in a while and you guys are probably tired of reading my long drawn out post. So here are few words and some pictures.

Getting Ready to go Trick or Treating

 Having fun with his costume
See my hat 

 Here is one of my Big Little Man looking so grown up. I still can't believe that he is 17 mths old already, where the heck did the time go.