Monday, September 17, 2012

Life getting away

Life has been getting in the way of me keeping up with my blog like I was hoping to do.

Things have been good around here. We are getting a lot of little projects done at home painting inside and getting the stairs built on the deck so we can finish staining and build the roofs before winter. I know , I know I said the "W" word but it is coming sooner than we think.

My parents are getting ready to leave and the little man is getting used to daycare he is there today until after lunch and then tomorrow he will be there until after nap time and then Wednesday will be a full day and everyday from then on.

He was such a brave guy today we walked in and hung up his stuff and put his lunch in the fridge and he didn't cry at all. He has his bunny with him so hopefully he will be ok.

We are all just getting over being sick it was a bad cold and I really hope it isn't the start to a bad cold and flu season. I hate being sick at any time but it seems that being sick when it is 25-30* outside is just cruel. Other than to get juice and go to the bathroom none of us got off of the couch this past weekend. We both missed two days of work and are still sick today.

I placed a big Scentsy order from a party and I am hoping it comes in this week so I can pick it up and get it packaged for people soon. Usually Scentsy shipping is really fast but they have been pretty slow for the last two orders I put in . I think I am going to have to start telling people 2 weeks for shipping.

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