Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer is almost gone....

We have been trying to soak up as much of summer as we can while it is here. These days it seems to be going by so much faster than anyone wants it to. The days have been so nice we have been spending as much time at the lake as we can. Corbin is loving going swimming and is quickly gaining zero fear of the water with keeps me on my toes and gives me mini heart attacks several times when we are there.

He hates getting sand or dirt on his hands and will stop moving if they are dirty until you carry him to the water to wash them, he is such a funny little guy.

Everywhere you go these days there is back to school stuff all over the place I have been looking at the list of everything Corbin needs for daycare and putting off getting any of it but I am running out of time he only has about a month left until then :(. It makes me sad to have to leave him there for 12 hours a day but I know he will be learning so much and it is good for him to be with other kids and adults other than family.

I have so many good ideas for his lunches that I am excited for that part of it. I know he is to little to understand that I made him special sandwiches that look like dinosaurs but I will know they are there and I will feel better knowing that he has them come lunch time.

I have a feeling the daycare is going to get sick of me calling to check up on him on a multi-daily basis...lol . I know he will be fine. It's me that needs to get over it...:)

Well I should get back to work my coffee break is almost over I will leave you with a cute picture of Corbin with his cousin playing in the water on the weekend.

And one showing you just how cute my little man is getting minus all of his mosquito bites.

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