Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Excited !!!!

The Stroller and Car seat have been delivered now we just need to go and pick them up this weekend. We got a dresser/Change table for his room last night it is awesome. I found some picks online of what we have got so far for him

This is what the dresser/Changer looks like. It looks so good in his room I can't wait to get all his stuff in it.

This is our Stroller it's the Bob Revolution in Plum. I love it, it is so easy to move and fold and is really light.

This is the car seat we got it fit's right onto the stroller with an adaptor and locks on so it can't tip or fall off.

This is the play pen we got to set up in the
living room and to take if we go camping or out somewhere for
the day.

The Bouncy chair that we got for him, It's so cute I can't wait to pull it out of the box and set it up for him. It looks so comfy they should make them for adults...maybe minus the toys and add a cup holder.

This is his bathtub we got it for only 10$ when we bought the play pen and the Bouncy chair at Babies R Us.

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