Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Happy Happy

My parents got back last weekend and I am soo soooo sooooooooo happy they are home. It seems like forever that they have been gone. That is the longest amount of time that I have ever gone without seeing them.

They are coming over tomorrow to help put together some of baby's furniture and have dinner and just hang out like we used to do.

For the baby side of things I am now 30 weeks and starting the final count down to his arrival. I started making a list of things to pack in my hospital bag. I still have to finish filling in all of my pre-registration forms for the hospital so that I am not trying to fill them out in the middle of him making his grand entrance.

His diapers arrived in the mail today and they are the cutest things that I have ever seen, seriously I think they are even better than what I thought based on the pictures on the website. I can't wait until he is here so that I can take a pic of him in his Fancy Pants as I call them.

I only have 38 days left of work before I will be off for a full year. It's crazy I don't think I have had a full summer off since I was 16. Should be interesting.

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