Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wow Where has March gone?

April starts on Friday. That is absolutely crazy to me. Only two months and my little man will be here. My parents came over on Saturday and helped put together all of the furniture and stuff that we have bought so far and then had a great dinner and played cards. It was so nice to have them back, You don't realize just how much you miss people until they come back. Next weekend we are going to get the crib and hopefully a glider chair for his room and it will be all ready to go. The bedding set that my parents got for him is so cute and I can't wait to see if set up in his room. It's hard to believe that he will be here in only 7 short weeks it seems like just yesterday we found out about him and before I know it he will be here. I only have to get through 35 more days of work and then I will be off for a full year and will be able to relax and just enjoy spending time with my little man.

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