Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My kid is Lazy already...

He isn't even born yet and already he is lazy. Seriously he is always laying at the very bottom of my uterus, that's where he kicks me, that's where he always is when they check his heartbeat, that was where he was hanging out for all of his ultrasounds. He like never comes off of the bottom..lol

I wonder why he moved all of my insides around to give himself a nice big place to grow and then never uses any of the room. Sometimes I wonder if he is stuck down there and can't move around, but you think they would see that on one of the ultrasounds, besides how would he get stuck there?

If this is any indication of what getting him out of bed when he's a teenager for school, then we are in for some rough years.

When I'm driving to work and a really fast song comes on he likes to kick me like crazy, I can see him in 15 years locked in his room with his music crancked up and never wanting to get out of bed. Ahhh I love him already

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