Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bad Dogs, Very very Bad dogs!

So I spent all day Saturday two weeks ago hunting for a baby book for baby boy. I finally found one that I actually liked at Chapters in Coquitlam. It came in a nice case and had these little photo frames to put pictures in the book and had some great pages to fill out. Well it had been sitting in the living room on top of a box that our humidifier came in. Well yesterday I guess the boys were playing around in the living room while we were at work and decided that it would be fun to shred the box.

Well in the process of attacking the box the baby book fell off of the top and they shredded that too. The plastic carrier that it came in the growth chart, all the photo frames.....everything.

So needless to say they are spending the day locked in the laundry room to think about what they and now I have to spend another day hunting for a new baby book.

Bad Dogs, bad, bad Dogs!

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