Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow it's February already ? Where did the last month go?

Had such a great morning today, I finally got a new bathing suit on the weekend that will fit my ever expanding tummy so that I can go swimming again. It was so nice to be in the water and just relax.

I really think I was a fish in a past life I could easily stay in the water all day if I didn't have to work.

I can't wait until baby boy gets here and can go to the pool with me, I hope he loves the water as much as I do as I can easily see us spending a lot of time there.

Other than that not to much else going on. baby is kicking more and more everyday and growing like crazy. I have my next Dr. appt on the 10 and then I will get my paper work to go for my glucose test I hope I don't fail that one I am already dreading drinking the gross stuff that they give you. My mind keeps telling me that it is going to taste like the stuff they gave me before a cat scan. That was the grossest. stuff . EVER.

Im happy that all of the hedgehogs are leaving this weekend. As much fun as they have been the last two years I am more than ready for them to be gone. It will be so nice to get that room cleaned out and all of the cages taken apart. No more poppy wheels to clean and no more cages to scrub.

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