Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ahhh Tuesday ....

Had a good long weekend. Painted baby boys room finally it looks so good we just need to put a second coat on it and then paint the baseboards as they have never been painted the people installed them but never painted them so we are going to get that done in the next few weeks and his room will be ready for furniture. I took lots of pictures before during and will take one after that I will post as soon as I get a chance to actually upload them from the computer.

The colour we picked was Roasted Nuts and its a warm chocolate colour and really looks nice in the room with all of the white trim and doors. It will look really good once we get all of his stuff in there, I think it is now my favorite room in the house, which is a good thing seeing as I will probably be spending a lot of time in there in the future.

Other than that not too much going on I have an ultrasound on Thursday just to see how big my monster has grown. I should get pics from that and will scan and post them as I haven't posted any of his pics yet. Then at the end of april we are doing the 3D ultrasound and I will post his pics from that it should be really neat to see him.

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  1. Cool. I'm looking forward to pics from the 3D ultrasound!