Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wow it's been a long time.

I guess I am better at reading other people's blogs than actually writing in my own.

Lots has changed over the last year or so since I wrote here last, the most note worthy being that I am pregnant. Yeah it kinda shocked me too. Baby boy is due on June 6th which is pretty cool with my birthday being on the 5th and my moms being on the 7th. So far things have been really good with the pregnancy, had some great months of morning sickness and all day crappiness but other than that has been good. We had a bit of a scare with some blood tests around 15 weeks but they turned out to be fine and we have seen baby boy moving on the ultrasound twice now.

Haven't really bought anything for him yet but there is still lots of time to get his room together. We are just waiting for the last litter of baby hedgehogs to go to their new homes, so that we can get that room cleaned out and painted for him. We are doing his room as a Safari theme and I think I'm going to paint it a Sandy brown colour and then get some of those stick on wall decals with safari animals. Then I just need to find some bedding for his crib that is going to be less than $300. I couldn't believe how expensive the sets were at Babys'R'us. We are planning on buying most of the stuff for his room in the states as the dollar is so good right now and stuff is so much cheaper there so I am hoping that I will be able to find something reasonable.

Well I should go and get some work done I will try to remember to keep this updated as he gets closer to making his appearance.

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